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Come and see us at Pardeys Pharmacy for all your IVF needs.

Experience our exceptional customer service.

Ask us how we can help you.

Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and support.

Pardeys Pharmacy staff will give you the additional information you need. We will help you with your questions and to clarify how to handle your IVF medications.

Pardeys Pharmacy holds the most extensive range of medications in stock.

If we don't have the medication you require we will attempt to source it for you as quickly as possible.

In Stock Now:

  1. Puregon 300iu, 600iu, 900iu

  2. Gonal-F 300iu, 450iu, 900iu

  3. Pregnyl 1500iu, 5000iu

  4. Ovidrel Solution for injection

  5. Decapeptyl

  6. Pergoveris

  7. Bemfola

  8. Orgalutran

  9. Progesterone Pessaries 100mg, 200mg, 400mg

  10. Utrogestan

  11. Endometrin

  12. Crinone Gel 8%

  13. Clomiphene 50mg

  14. Compound DHEA and Melatonin cap


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