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Pardeys Compounding Service


Pardeys has been compounding for customers across Geelong, the Bellarine and Australia since 2014. Our specialist compounding lab operates state of the art equipment and our friendly staff are highly trained, experienced and passionate about your care. This means we can offer an individually tailored solution to meet your medication needs. Be it a unique formulation, out-of stock medication, IVF medication or a child's mixture, Pardeys Compounding Service is here to help you.

Pardeys Compounding Services has over 150 active pharmaceutical ingredients in stock and offer the ability to compound capsules, mixtures, pesseries, creams, ointments , suppositories, ear drops, shampoos, lotions and troches for both human and animal use.


Hormones products are a uniquely individual and we can work with your physician to tailor a solution to fit your unique requirements.

DHEA; 7-KETO DHEA; Estrogens; Melatonin; Thyroid extract; T3 (liothyronine); T4 (levothyroxine); Progesterone; Testosterone; Chrysin


Working alongside our comprehensive IVF Service, we have the ability to individually tailor medications commonly prescribed by your IVF specialist.

Progesterone; DHEA; Melatonin


Nutraceuticals encompasses the use of vitamins, minerals and other supplements that may help with your wellbeing. We have an extensive range and along with your health professional can formulate a product specific to you needs.

Motion Sickness

Pardeys Pharmacy offer a uniquely formulated motion sickness capsule containing a comprehensive range of standard and natural ingredients.


Your skin is an integral part of your wellbeing, and we can formulate a range of topical preparations to aid in its health. We have helped many of our customers with conditions including eczema, psoriasis, warts, molluscum contagiosum, fungal infections, rosacea and acne. We also produce a number of prescriptions based cosmetic medications that can help with age related or sun damaged skin issues.

Clobetasol; Tacrolmus; Clotrimazole; Salicylic acid; Sulphur; Hydrocortisone; Dexmethasone; Hydroquinone, Imiquimod; Tretinoin; Glycolic acid, Kojic acid;


Compounding offers a unique approach to pain management. Various dosage forms and/or active ingredients can be used to provide you with a specific approach to treating your pain. Troches, capsules, suppositories and topical preparations all offer their own benefits and we can help advise what would be best for you. For example a tailor made topical preparation containing three different active ingredients offers a multi-modal approach that may reduce side-effects whilst increasing effectiveness compared to the traditional oral approach.

We also compound a number of over-the-counter pain medications that may be of benifit to you. Targeting both pain and inflammation our diclofenac gels are for times stronger than commercially available gels and are a great option for conditions like arthritis. Ask our friendly staff about the various options that may suit you.

Ketoprofen; Meloxicam; Diclofenac; Gabapentin; Amitriptyline; Opioids; Pregabalin; Gabapentin; Lidocaine; Capsaicin; Benzocaine; Tetracaine; Meloxicam; Palmitoylethonolamide (PEA); Doxepin; Guaifenesin; Dothiepin


We all want the best health care for our loved ones, and this includes pets. After all, pets are part of the family. We can help provide the care they need in the form of practical and easy to administor medication. Every species is unique and so is their medicinal requirements. Pardeys compounding team are trained to not only ensure the active ingredient is appropriate but also that the correct exipients are used to prevent any harm to your pet. We also treat larger animals and livestock.

Methimazole; Trazadone: Ketocomazole/erfloxacin; Meloxicam;


Melatonin is a natural hormone pproduced by the body and helps to regulate sleep. It is suitable to treat many sleeping disorders like delayed sleep phase, insomnia and jet-lag. It can be used in both children and adults. We can compound both immediate and modified release capsules or flavoured mixtures. Melatonin requires a prescription from the doctor and can be made to many different strengths.