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Do you have private health insurance?

In addition to hospital cover many people have private prescription cover. You may know it as "extras", "ancillaries" or "dental" cover. If so ask us for a receipt, you may be eligible for a refund.
For drug information and tips on administering Pregnyl, Clexane and Progesterone pessaries go to the links below...

Use of Progesterone Pessaries...

Adequate progesterone levels are important for becoming pregnant and maintaining pregnancy. Your doctor will advise the appropriate duration of treatment.
Progesterone pessaries are inserted into the vagina usually twice daily (first thing in the morning and at bedtime)
We recommend you remain lying down for 30 minutes after inserting the pessary to aid absorption of the progesterone.
It is normal to experience discharge when using progesterone pessaries.
Sexual activity is fine once discharge has cleared.
Storage of progesterone pessaries in the fridge will ensure they remain unmelted until use. They are however stable at room temperature up to 25 degrees C.

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